Paddy Gavin and Cillian Gavin

Today’s manufacturing environment is more competitive than any other time in history. From concept to finished product your projects move around the globe at Internet speed. The demands of today’s marketplace have never been more dynamic. You need suppliers who are committed and prepared to respond. GQ Machine stands ready to meet this challenge.


Today even the smallest machine shops are using CNC machines, but just getting the job done is not satisfying enough for us. Our highly-trained machinists are ready to step up to the plate for any job and provide the customers of GQ Machine with service and finished products second to none.

For us to stay competitive in today’s machining market, we use the most up-to-date and innovative equipment, software, and methods possible, including 5-Axis machining, Advanced Robotic Production Equipment and top-of-the-line quality equipment. And to keep it all moving at top speed, we use the latest versions of MasterCam.

GQ Machine is capable of machining a vast amount of materials such as, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, Delrin, Radel, Vespel, ABS and also many other exotic materials.
Our specialty is rapid turnaround time, typically ranging from 2-4 weeks delivery on most if not all jobs; we also have premium service of 2- 3 days with expedite fees for those of you who require your products ASAP!

What/Who We Do Work For

We at GQ Machine have a very diverse customer base ranging from industries such as medical and life sciences, to fuel cell, oil and gas, to semiconductor and space exploration. Our intent is to meet the customer’s crucial needs in any situation.